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Independent Living Communities

Bobe's age-tailored platform allows independent living communities to digitize all the daily operations of the community, save time and money, give residents greater independence and quality of service and create a more engaged and joyful community.



With the activities calendar residents can easily stay updated on all the action.

By easily registering and viewing all activities online and at all times, residents can finally enjoy technological independence.

Families can stay connected and involved with their loved ones' schedule.




The perfect place to share news, updates, videos, articles and more with all or a segment of the community.

Bobe's age-tailored feed stimulates a more connected, engaged and informed community.



Motivating residents to easily engage with other community member through the social messaging feature provides the residents a great social life experience. 



Community profiles provides your residents and staff members the opportunity to get to know each other better, and interact on mutual subjects and hobbies.

Search for any resident you wish to get to know, and access their contact information instantly and easily.

Community profiles increases residents social lifestyle.



Instead of managing your service requests pipeline manually, advance to Bobe's digital and easy-to-use service requests system and allow all members of the community to easily open, manage and monitor their requests online. 

Get insights and make data-driven decisions,

Families could also assist their loved ones remotely.



Like the other features of Bobe's system, the residents can independently register to the meals that are relevant for them, thus allowing the home to prepare in advance more proprely in terms of the food quantities and staff required, thereby reducing the amounts of food waste and cost savings.

Families could also help with registering on behalf of their loved ones.

For Families



Families could stay informed and connected to the community, and could motivate their loved ones to take an active part in the house activities.

Families could also support their loved ones remotely, by creating service requests, or choosing a meal from the menu.

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