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Nursing Homes 

Bobe is a community engagement platform that redefines 
senior living communities lifestyle.
Connecting residents, families and staff  members –
Bobe is improving the lifestyle of elders worldwide.
With Bobe, managing your house becomes easier,
saving you both time and money managing daily operations.



Activities calendar helps keep your residents up to date

with all the action and ultimately increase  their participation in house courses.

Families could stay involved with their loved

ones activities.



Community Feed is the perfect place for both residents and staff members to share news, updates and fun.
The community feed is easily accessible from any device.

The community feed is also accessible for families.
Staff can decide to whom a specific post is relevant for while sharing it (community / families / everyone).

This feature stimulates a more connected, engaged
and informed community.



Community profiles providers your residents and staff members the opportunity to get to know each other better, and interact on mutual subjects and hobbies.

Search for any resident you wish to get to know, and access their contact information instantly and easily.

Community profiles increases residents social lifestyle.



Instead of managing your maintenance pipeline through outdated software systems, or worse - by using papers and pen, both of which clutter the lobby counter, advance to Bobe's digital and easy-to-use system, through which  all members of the community (residents and staff alike) can easily manage and monitor their maintenance requests online.

Families could also assist their loved ones remotely.



Families could stay informed and connected to the community, and could motivate their loved ones to take an active part in the house activities.

Families could also support their loved ones remotely, by creating service requests, or choosing a meal from the menu.

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